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akashan-logoIf your looking for reliable driveway, pathways and patio’s then you have come to the right place, With our roots firmly in Devon we have block paving squads covering Devon, Cornwall and across the south west.

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We have award winning garden displays at the Shaw Garden Centres as well as the Infinity Home and Garden shows that we do twice yearly


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Why You Need An Electrician To Install Akashan Driveway Lighting

Garden lightening is something we are being asked about more and more. Akashan have now installed more than 100 driveways with our bespoke lighting system.

Install Akashan Driveway

Things you need to know before you order from Akashan

  • It’s our bespoke lightening system. Not the same one as recommended on Amazon.
  • We only supply the system, we do not install. You will need to hire an electrician.
  • Driveway lightening installed by non-qualified electricians could cause serious harm, and Akashan will not accept responsibility.

 These days we are always looking for new ways of updating our homes and making them look more attractive.  External lighting is certainly one way of adding to the ‘kerb appeal’ of a property – whether it is driveway lighting to offer a feeling of safety and security for homeowners or ambient lighting to create a beautiful garden feature, there are plenty of ideas out there to tempt you.

If you are a keen DIY enthusiast you may be tempted to install your driveway lighting system by yourself but by doing so you could be making a costly mistake.    If you insist on installing outdoor lights yourself, then make sure you choose a solar lighting system.  The advantages of solar lighting are that there is no wiring to deal with and it won’t cost you a penny on your electricity bills!  However, you’ll need to take into consideration our wonderful British weather… on dull, grey days when there isn’t much light around, the lights won’t have much chance to charge so the light may not last quite as long as you want it to.

Electric driveway lights are much more dependable of course, but they do come with their own risks and should always be installed by a Local electrician. We use Caztec Electricians based in Sunderland they are a national company and expert in outdoor electrics.

Following these top tips for your outdoor lighting system, will make for a much safer experience:

  • Make sure your outdoor lighting equipment is from a reputable stockist and that it has been built for purpose (i.e. you aren’t using indoor lighting externally)
  • Make sure that your outdoor lights are weatherproof and waterproof (particularly if you are going to be using any outdoor lighting in garden water features)
  • Have your lighting installed by a qualified, registered electrician, and in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Check your outdoor fittings regularly for any damage and make sure they are maintained and kept free from instructions such as leaves
  • If a bulb needs to be changed, make sure you switch off the main power supply – if any repairs are required then make sure this is done by a professional electrician.

If you aren’t experienced in the installation of exterior electrics, you should never attempt to install your outdoor lighting yourself – by doing so you are putting yourself (or someone else) at risk of serious injury or death.

It only takes something as simple as a faulty connection and a damp or wet lawn to turn your electric outdoor lighting system into a death trap.  It is recommended that you hire an electrician to safely install any external lighting to make sure that it is done so safely and meets the regulations required for outdoor electric work.