HOW MUCH DOES BLOCK PAVING COSTBlock paving is increasingly becoming more popular due to many reasons. It is quite durable and can be laid in a variety of patterns, colours, styles and finishes. It is also extremely easy to maintain, and can be easily replaced with individual blocks if a certain part is stained or damage. Another reason it is a top choice for some is because of how cost effective it is.


We are at the bottom end of the country  and our block prices are closer to northern companies than south based firms. This Leeds website shows they charge nearly identical prices to us. Below are a few of the top concerns in the cost that you will need to address:


Area Size


Block paving costs in London can be expensive due to several reasons. The largest cost is determined by the area size you want to be paved. This not only directly changes the cost, but also determines how much material you will need to use.


Material Used


You will have plenty of choices of material to choose from for the block paving, and this will be what will drive up the cost the most. The cost will be determined by the type and size of the brick you are using. Also, prices could go up if you are looking for a specific pattern.


A lot of the cost will also depend on the quality of the blocks you use. It is important to look at the quality beforehand though because you do not want to have to keep on replacing parts of the driveway. This will end up being much more costly than if you just went with a more expensive material to start.


Background / After Work


Of course, the block paving cost will also depend on how much previous work needs to be done. For example, even though the costs of the raw materials may be quite small, you may need to dig out the ground for where the driveway will go. After a layer of hardcore, you will also usually need the top surface applied. Everything added up can begin to get quite costly.



Labour Costs


You will also have to check with the specific county you live in as labour costs differ slightly. This will have a change in your cost for sure. Of course, you can always opt to DIY as it can be much cheaper to do the work yourself. However, not everyone has the time nor skills for such a job. You can also talk to the company you plan to work with and see if it will lessen the cost if you do the majority of the preparation by yourself. For example, you could buy the blocks yourself which will save money.


When you are researching companies, always ask for a price quote. You can then compare between the companies. Some companies will charge by the square meter while others will charge you for the whole job. Also remember that just because something is cheap does not mean that it will be great quality. It is always better to pay a little more and ensure that you have top-notch block paving to avoid future costs along the way.