Our Social plans for Akashan

akashan going onlineWe have been considering for a while to spend money on social media, and wondered what our customers thought.


Construction is one of the most ‘brick and mortar’ industries out there. There was a time when it didn’t seem necessary for a construction company to bring their business online, have a website, and participate in social media – but that time is over.

Although the whole process of construction is done physically, you cannot deny the fact that your customers are all hanging out online. And to connect with them, to reach them, and to convince them to hire you, you have to hang out online as well.

Having a website is the first step in doing this, but using social media and increasing your social media presence is another important step.

Speak directly to our customers

With social media, you would be able to identify your target audience easier. With demographics provided by social media analytics, you’ll be able to study your current audience and see what demographics are working better for you. You will then be able to use this information to tweak your website and your other marketing strategies to better connect with your target audience.

Customer Feedback

Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter make it so easy for your customers to provide you their feedback, and maybe even provide testimonials.

With just a few clicks and typing a few words, they would already be able to tell you what they think of the service you provided, or what they think you can improve on. Even potential customers can connect with you this way. As a small business, this feedback is invaluable.

Connect With Our Customers

Just as it is easy for them to connect with you, it will be easier for you to connect with your audience as well. You can easily address any issues that your audience raise, or you can thank your existing customers for their patronage. It will be easy for you to provide information that potential customers would find useful as well.

Lead Generation

Social media makes lead generation so much easier and so much cheaper. With sites like Twitter and Facebook, you can build your audience and easily use your existing audience to reach more people. With filtered searches and geo location, you can find leads and already start pre-qualifying them.

Better yet, leads can find you easier and start calling you if they see your social media presence.

Build Up Your Authority

With social media, you can position yourself as an authority in the construction industry. This will make a big difference in your customer’s perception of you, and will make potential leads trust you more. The credibility and authority that you will be able to build using social media comes at a fraction of the cost when you use other avenues.

Connect With Partners

Using social media also allows you to connect with other businesses that you can partner with. Even if you don’t get partnered with them, you can easily be associated with them by following them on Twitter, liking them on Facebook, or giving them a recommendation in LinkedIn.

Your customers will be able to see that you are associated with big business and this in turn makes you more of an authority by association.

Website Traffic

Being active in social media helps your website traffic as well, because it is easier to share useful information through social media and simply direct interested readers to your website. This makes your traffic more targeted too.

And since they already saw your credibility from your social media accounts, it will be easier for them to click to your website and check your services.

Research Your Competitors

Your social media account will allow you to do competitive research also, which will not even really cost you a cent. You can check the pages of your competitors and see what they’re doing and see who is following them.

This also allows you to see what they’re doing right and adopt their strategy and even make it better. You can also see what they are doing wrong and avoid the same mistakes.

Innovation Ideas

New ideas are hard to come by, let alone ideas that would work. Using social media will enable you to check what people are talking about, what new and upcoming technology are around and what your target audience is looking for in services such as yours.

2 Construction Companies that are smashing it on Facebook

Findley Roofing and Building have built up hundreds of followers and likes by sharing their projects and before and afters their facebook page is huge. They have since opened another one for another branch and it only has 2 likes on the page. Be interesting to see if it goes the same way.

Roof Maker – This Company are the perfect example, they have over 66k likes Wow! Thats enough for any company, their page is here.

With information like this, you can now brainstorm new and innovative ideas that you already know will work because you already saw that people are talking about these things.

Content And Knowledge Sharing

Social media is basically a tool of sharing, and you can leverage this purpose into sharing information that positions your business the way you want. If you want to be a go to for information about the industry, then you can regularly post links to articles that are valuable for your audience, even if those posts aren’t on your website.

On the other hand, if you want more people to know more about your business or why they should hire you, you can share tidbits of information that help you achieve this goal.

Cost Effective

The best thing about social media is that you can take advantage of all the benefits already mentioned without having to spend a thing. You can incur some costs for upgrades or ads and things like that, but they will be at a fraction of the cost.

We all know that marketing is very expensive, and this is even especially true for small businesses because your primary goal is to grow your business. Social media helps you a lot with this because you will be able to employ strategies that definitely work and that don’t cost too much, or anything at all.

Time Efficient

Aside from being cost effective, social media saves time as well. With only a few minutes spent a day in updating your accounts, you will already be able to market your construction business. There are even tools available that allows you to schedule updates so that you can sit down once a week and do all the posts for the week. You probably won’t be spending an hour in doing this.